Sponsor Opportunities

How to become a Spencer Wilding 
Sponsor or Partner

Endorsements can amplify you brand’s message to a targeted, significantly larger audience, help earn trust and credibility with consumers, and even propel sales. Marketers are placing emphasis on leveraging influential and visible celebrities more than they ever have. 

How to get involved with our celebrities:

Free Gear or Products 
If an ongoing cash fees are not in your budget, try giving your gear to a potential endorser for free. Use Spencer to promote your brand, product and target audience, and provide them with FREE products in exchange for the celebrity wearing your brand and promoting
your product. Spencer will provide many added benefits to your donation including endorsements at events and social media. They could also provide coupons or freebies to consumers at a predetermined event. 

Partner with a charity or non-profit. 
Aligning with a charity or non-profit can be a success for all parties. It provides the charity or non-profit with a positive event, positive image and helps find common ground with event attendees. 
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